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Vancouver Vegan Food Guide

Vegan Food

Vancouver is one of the world’s best cities when it comes to vegan food and the chill West Coast Vibes. The variety and quality of vegan options are unparalleled and can make traveling and exploring new foods exciting for vegans. To help you in your search for the best vegan food on the West Coast, we have created a comprehensive vegan food guide with everything you need to know about these plant-based restaurants and the chill vibes.

List Of Vegan Food Guide

1. Futuristic Mood

Thick and juicy burgers can be challenging to find on a vegan diet, but Planetary Burger does not disappoint. The mushroom burger is one of the crowd favorites and it can fix any burger cravings you may be having. Add a side of yam fries, and you’ve got yourself a hearty vegan meal. Located on Main street and with their futuristic concept, they are definitely on a mission to save the planet.

2. Vibrant Vibe

There’s nothing like digging into some comfort food, and comfort food gets even better when it is vegan! MeeT is a unique vegan comfort food restaurant that includes many gluten-free options and green and leafy salads if you feel like a light lunch. MeeT has locations in Gastown, Main, and Yaletown, so you can enjoy mac and cheese, onion rings, and poutine all over Vancouver. From the colorful pop of red seating area to the capitalized T in its name, MeeT is one of the most fun vegan restaurants in the area.

3. A pleasant vibe

One of the most challenging parts of being vegan is missing out on the delicious, pungent, flavorful cheeses. But at Blue Heron, you can create a charcuterie board with 100% dairy-free cheese. Types of cheese include Herb and Garlic, The Crowne, Le Bleuet Cumulus, and Cormorant. These vegan cheeses all have a sophisticated feel and flavor that makes them so creamy, luxurious, and delicious!

4. Trendy Picnic hangout vibe

Craving some cheesy pizza? Head over to one of the Virtuous Pie locations and check out some of the 100% plant-based, vegan pizzas. These pizzas are topped with a cashew mozzarella that is cheesy, and stringy just like regular mozzarella! If you are looking for dessert, you can order a scoop of cashew and coconut milk-based ice creams. Virtuous Pie also has a trendy picnic vibe with picnic table-style seating and natural colors.

5. Classy Contemporary Feel

Middle Eastern food is an irresistible cuisine filled with grilled meats and vegetables, but what happens when you can no longer eat delicious charred kabobs? Aleph Middle Eastern Eatery proves that meat is not needed to make the most amazing aromatic Middle Eastern food. After all, muhammara, falafel, and fattoush are all naturally vegan dishes. So if you are looking for authentic, vegan Middle Eastern cuisine, Aleph is the place to go. The cool classy white tones of the restaurant also make it a great place to chill out and enjoy the calming atmosphere.

6. Pure zen vibe

Buddha-Full is exactly the type of restaurant you think of when you hear vegan food. If you are looking for a healthy and nutritious meal, Buddha-full is an excellent option. They serve vegan and gluten-free bowls as well as green smoothies, cold-pressed juices, and avocado toasts. The vibes in the restaurant are all about peace, love, and kindness. When you eat a Buddha-full you will feel the self-love this restaurant promotes.

7. Cozy Minimalist vibe

If you are hungry for a big bowl of Vietnamese noodles, check out Chauveggies Express! Chau Veggies has all sorts of Vietnamese-inspired dishes that are all 100% vegan. If you happen to be in Vancouver during the winter, head over to Chau Veggies Express for a large warm bowl of soup and noodles. The restaurant is small and cozy with light purple walls and a bar seating area that makes it easy for individual dinners to enjoy a simple meal. The vibes are both comforting and minimalistic which works perfectly with their cozy bowls of noodles and Asian comfort food.

8. Boho eco-friendly vibe

Eternal Abundance is an organic and vegan cafe that serves up some of the best vegan breakfasts in the city. The menu consists of vegan smoothies, waffles, tofu scramble, and some sweets. The key-lime bar and chocolate mousse bar are must-tries! The vibes of this vegan cafe fit the description of a typical vegan hipster cafe. With cute and trendy indoor plants and a small organic market within the cafe, this vegan cafe is everything a hipster could dream of.

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