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Hi, I'm Gie! Welcome to From My Lens, a digital marketing consultancy based in Toronto, Canada, serving clients globally. At From My Lens, we specialize in SEO, social media, content writing, affiliate marketing, and copywriting tailored to industries such as travel, lifestyle, hospitality, influencers, wellness, and more. Our mission is to transform your digital marketing into a dynamic tool for growth, whether you’re looking to attract new customers online or enhance your existing strategies.

In 2021, I expanded our services by launching a podcast and wellness app, broadening our impact beyond traditional marketing to foster well-being and disseminate valuable insights in lifestyle and travel. This initiative showcases our commitment to contributing positively in every area we touch.

With a solid foundation as an EdTech, SEO, and Content Marketing Specialist, and as a former columnist and intern for Vogue and Marie Claire, I bring extensive expertise and a unique perspective to our projects. I am passionate about building genuine relationships with our clients, focusing on innovative solutions that not only expand your online presence but also generate leads and increase sales.

As your long-term marketing partner, I am dedicated to delivering results through creative and proven techniques.


Get in touch to learn how From My Lens can help you succeed in both the Canadian and global markets, elevating your digital marketing strategy.

SEO & Digital Marketing Specialist 

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