Meet Our Founder

Writer, Content Creator & Podcast Host

Back in 2018, Gargie realized that she's not cut out for the 9-5 cookie cutter employment. She turned her long-time passion which is writing into her profession, Gargie comes in as an advocate for mental health, wellness, and most importantly guiding you to find your personal worth.

Gargie, was creating a vision board and had her goals set to write her first book, travel, and crucially, to become location independent. Finally, she managed to surpass her goals and In 2020 Gargie wrote a short book called "An Inspired Life" available on Amazon. 

For many years Gargie devoted herself to writing for various magazines, including Vogue, Marie Claire, and other online presence, capturing her voice and essence in the spaces she could. 

Between writing and her thirst for the nomadic lifestyle, it opened up the path to discover a world of Travel and Photography. Gargie, then found a passion for hosting podcasts in 2020 with others whose experiences and wise voices she knew needed to be heard. 

She helps clients and connects with people all over the world to help achieve and inspire them towards their goals through her podcast, digital marketing services, and wellness programs. In 2021 wellness App was launched called “From My Lens” available on the Apple Store and Google Play. The sole purpose of this App is to help balance, activate mental and physical wellbeing. Gargie made this all-in-one platform completely affordable, and accessible to everyone. 

Love & Light