Meet Gargie

Educator, Writer, Podcast Host & Creator

Gargie started her nomadic journey three years ago and turned her long-term passion, which is writing into her profession. She comes in as an advocate for mental health, fitness, and most importantly providing you with the services and tools to help you to find your personal goals. 


She is a MA graduate in Business from Toronto, Canada. Like many of the fellow digital nomads, back in 2019, she realized there's definitely more to life than the 9-5 grind. 

Gargie has worked with many clients around the world and help them get one step closer to their goals starting from 

preparing them for small day-to-day tasks to finding their true purpose in life with a brand new consciousness. 


Since 2014, She was devoting herself to writing where she added a bit of her writing essence to fashion magazines including Vogue and Marie Claire. 


Writing and the nomadic lifestyle widened up her path to discover photography, the world of travel, conduct Podcasts on Spotify and iTunes with people who have an abundance of wisdom, and life experiences. She has also launched a lifestyle and community platform called “From My Lens” which also serves as a mental and wellness app. 


Her mission is to help you find a fraction of motivation within you to find your purpose that you may have been putting off, through a complete wellness lifestyle expereince while accommodating a sense of community.