Our Story

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Our Founder

Gargie founded From My Lens with the purpose to create, maintain, and run successful digital marketing, content creation, and boost website traffic. With over 7 years of writing and digital marketing experience, she focuses on bringing the client's vision into reality by implementing top marketing trends, for a wide range of clients from around the world.


​For many years Gargie devoted herself to writing for various magazines, including Vogue, Marie Claire, and other online presence, capturing her voice and essence in the spaces she could. She loves connecting with people from all over the world to help them achieve and inspire, through her podcast, wellness programs, and a wellness App that she recently launched, “From My Lens Wellness” available on the Apple Store and Google Play.


The sole purpose of this App is to help balance and activate mental and physical wellbeing. This was made as an all-in-one platform completely affordable, accessible to everyone, and definitely with good vibes.


Her vibe is to help find a fraction of motivation to achieve the life goals that one may be putting off, through a complete lifestyle experience while accommodating a sense of community.