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Meet Gargie

Educator, Writer, Podcast Host & Creator

She started her nomadic journey three years ago and turned her long-time passion which is writing into her profession. Gargie comes in as an advocate for mental health, wellness, and most importantly providing you with the services and tools to help you to find your purpose. 


Like many of the fellow digital nomads, back in 2019, she realized there's definitely more to life than the 9-5 grind. 

She has traveled over 25 countries and helped people get one step closer to their life goals starting from

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"An amazing facilitator of wellness of the human body and spiritual knowledge base on her capacity to want to know and learn more about what connects humanity together. Through her sense of curiosity, she is doing exactly that. Connecting us together by gathering the existence of knowledge that we embody within us. Gargie is an amazing soul who embodies the warmth and an aura of intelligence."

— Valery Dayrit, A Poet

"Being a guest speaker in From My Lens was incredible. I've been on many podcasts and have been interviewed many times and From My Lens was one of my favorite ones. Gie was so warm and welcoming. Her passion to empower her listeners and her guests are evident in the quality and value of this podcast. I'm so excited to watch this podcast evolve into something even bigger and I cannot wait to be part of it in some way, shape, or form.  All the Love."

— Shiree, VA Coach

​​​"From My Lens Podcast unveils a broad area of expertise including, how to build your confidence, letting go, achieving higher consciousness, and much more. You’ll encounter many individuals who will walk you through their experiences and support you to build the areas of your life that need more work. Personally, I have decided to completely adjust myself to a sustainable lifestyle thanks to From My Lens Podcast."

— Pivi, Illustrator

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