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Content Creation, Digital Marketing & Wellness Platform

At From My Lens, we bring our client's vision into reality by implementing the best content creation and top marketing trends, for a wide range of clients from around the world. 

Not only do we offer content services but we also personalize programs in health & mental wellbeing that are completely tailored to your lifestyle. 

With our 1-1 support we are ready to leverage our expertise to the next level and help you grow your business!

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The Journey Towards Wellness Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

"An amazing facilitator of wellness of the human body and spiritual knowledge base on her capacity to want to know and learn more about what connects humanity together. Through her sense of curiosity, she is doing exactly that. Connecting us together by gathering the existence of knowledge that we embody within us. Gargie is an amazing soul who embodies the warmth and an aura of intelligence."

— Valery Dayrit, A Poet

"Being a guest speaker in From My Lens was incredible. I've been on many podcasts and have been interviewed many times and From My Lens was one of my favorite ones. Gie was so warm and welcoming. Her passion to empower her listeners and her guests are evident in the quality and value of this podcast. I'm so excited to watch this podcast evolve into something even bigger and I cannot wait to be part of it in some way, shape, or form.  All the Love."

— Shiree, VA Coach

​​​"I am obsessed with From My Lens App and with all the features! It basically has anything and everything you could need throughout the course of your day at your fingertips. Very user-friendly and it has everything from mediation, access to free eBooks, daily organizer, live GSP, and customized meal planner. This lifestyle app is easily accessible and affordable".

Jessy Thompson, App User

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