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We all need support pushing past our negative thoughts to harness a sense of calm amidst the chaos within and around us. Whatever it is that’s holding you back and keeping you stuck, this program is designed to help you break free from the monotony and find your true calling. Through greater mental clarity and the right lifestyle and wellness App, we can all achieve self-discovery! 


This isn't like any other app out there. Not just an average app with over rated workout programs, macros and meal plans. We have taken things to a whole next level with how you're doing to expand your lifestyle, wellness and nutrition knowledge. We all deserve some self-love and good health! 

Let Your Journey Begin

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From My Lens App is to help balance and activate your mental and physical wellbeing, how to quit mundane lifestyles, and walk towards your potential goals. Co-creation, networking, and skill-sharing. 


You can get access to over 6 features all at your fingertips! Elevate the lifestyle you deserve through wellness trackers and daily healthy habits!

From my lens is a platform that gives everything you seek from:

✓ Mindful Meditation & Breathwork

✓ Guided E-books

✓ Customized Meal Planners With Built-In Shopping List 

✓ Q & A and Mental Health Support

✓ Hydration Tracker

✓ Task Management 

✓ Community Network

✓ Intermittent Fasting Tracker 

✓ Running/ Cycling Live GPS Tracker

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Our app gives you access to over 6 features. Begin your journey today! 


Live The Life You Love

 Every seed that you plant needs plenty of rain and sunshine in order to grow and blossom, so does your thoughts and goals!

Dedicated to inspire and create minful habits

Helping you elevate the lifestyle you deserve

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