Our Program

From My Lens is a lifestyle platform aimed to help you beat your negative thoughts and harness calm from the chaotic world around you! Being a digital nomad for over 3 years, I feel a great inclination towards helping other souls by enabling them to find their true goals i.e. breaking free from the monotonous, traditional liabilities and finding their true calling.


For an in-depth understanding of how I was able to uncover my true potential through my journey, and sharing stories of others, I was able to embed it in my free guided eBooks and Podcast.  With a lifestyle and wellness program, you can unfold the realm of mental clarity and self-discovery! 

Let Your Journey Begin

Amidst the chaotic lifestyle of the contemporary world, it can be tough and hard to break free from the rat race. As the name denotes, it is going to be a comprehensive recuperative program. Specifically and ideally designed for the ones facing uncertainty about their life and its purpose, this program gradually takes you on your journey to self-discovery and life goals. 

✓ An introspective program that paves the way for you to become virtually autonomous.

✓ An interactive community of people working towards the same expedition of self-discovery.

✓ Learning how to work remotely and provide step-by-step directions for guidance. 

✓ Meditation to neutralize the negativity and invite positivity in your body and mind.

✓ Q & A after the consultation session

✓ 1-hour FREE consultation 

✓ Full access to FROM MY LENS APP & MORE!

Live The Life You Love

 Every seed that you plant needs plenty of rain and sunshine in order to grow and blossom, so does your thoughts and goals!

Dedicated to inspire and create minful habits

Helping you elevate the lifestyle you deserve

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