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Guide to hanging plants

Hanging plants at home has its own easy way to make your home decoration look stylish, fresh, unique, and simple. Numerous kinds of plants work as hanging plants, yet not every one of them will look great. Here, you will find the best indoor and outdoor hanging plants, with a variety of hanging methods, that are suitable for your style. They not only look great at your home but also contain many health benefits such as the improvement of air quality, adds beauty, and reduces stress.

English Ivy (Indoors and outdoors)

English Ivy is commonly seen outdoors covering stones or on brick walls. You can copy this equivalent look at home to make delightful ivy-style home decor. To make the viewing more effective, you can let the leaves hang from the hanging basket. These luxurious indoor hanging plants are best suited for the spacious areas of your home, such as the living room, main entrance, dining room, and even your front terrace because they tend to grow quickly.

String of Nickels

A string of nickels is also known as a button orchid and has tiny round leaves that resemble a coin. These dangling plants are also easy to take care of and are low in maintenance with preferred filtered light. With their natural look, they can be hung indoors on top of your living room ceiling, office top shelves, and ideal for hanging baskets in patios and porches.

Morning Glory

Morning glory is quite easy to grow and can provide a vibrant texture for your home decoration. “Heavenly blue” is popular among many other colors to choose from. Most morning glories grow all summer and transition into fall, they are commonly used on fences, cottage gardens, brick walls, and inside your home. Since they like to climb, morning glories can be best decorated in a hanging basket of your choice.

Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos is known for its beautiful and elegant golden leaves which give a profound texture. This elegant plant is commonly used indoors and can also be used in your bedroom as it helps with air purifying and releases stress. Pothos can be placed on your office shelving, hanging basket, and can also be hung outside your home.

“Bring the outdoors indoors.”―Steven Magee

Writer - Gargie Kejriwal

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