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The Impact of Urban Culture on Jewelry and Fashion Industries

There was a time when Forbes magazines and other luxury jewelry brands significantly impacted the jewelry and fashion industry worldwide. Women loved the lavish and royal jewelry sets that featured expensive gems. However, those days are long gone! In this modern age, high-end jewelry and fashion brands no longer amaze the audience. Instead, the credit goes to the influencers who use advanced social platforms to efficiently promote jewelry and fashion products manufactured by small and medium scale companies. That's how many jewelry brands drive sales.

The Modern Jewelry and Fashion Industry

There was a time when Holt Renfrew and Tiffany were considered the leaders in the luxury departments. Today, people are more interested in buying jewelry and fashion items offered by artisans at a fraction of the cost. After all, who would want to spend thousands of dollars on the necklace or a luxury bracelet that costs a bomb? Especially when the artisans offer the same and even better designs at a reasonable price.

It isn't only about the price, but the trends in the fashion industry have changed drastically over the past few years. Those heavily embellished jewelry pieces are no longer in trend. Instead, women prefer bohemian, Viking, and artistic style accessories to create a statement piece while keeping the look as exclusive as possible. Let's check out a few other trends in the jewelry and fashion industries influenced by urban culture.

Sleek and Simple

Most SMEs are focusing on sleek and modern jewelry pieces, as that's the latest trend nowadays. As mentioned earlier, the days when the woman wore embellished jewelry items are gone. Today, most women are on the lookout for jewelry that looks unique and elegant, whether they are attending a wedding party or a casual meeting.

Simple doesn't mean the pearl necklace that sits snugly around your neck; it's instead a combination of jewelry pieces that boast distinctive. Not only are these jewelry items available for an affordable price, but they give a unique touch to your outfit. In addition, these jewelry pieces can be combined with just about any outfit.

The Digital Shopping Era

Another factor that has brought a significant change in the fashion and jewelry world is the growing popularity of the digital era. In this modern age, it's become quite common for ladies to shop around to find the best accessories, fashionable outfits, and jewelry online. Given the popularity of digital marketing and online shopping, it goes without saying that women now get more options to choose from when it comes to jewelry shopping.

Whether you are looking for a fashionable outfit for a party or a statement jewelry piece for another occasion, online shopping gives you many opportunities to find the best and most influential fashion accessory from the comfort of your home.

Now that more and more people are looking for lightweight or unique jewelry, they find online shopping convenient to get their favourite necklace or earrings delivered to their doorstep. Besides, who would want to visit the retail stores in person and spend hours checking different pieces when online shopping has made the procedure super smooth and simple?

Changing Trends and Experiences

While Forbes and other famous fashion brands are still prevalent, people's interest is now shifting more towards the more minor and affordable brands. That's because these companies have a team of professionals who know how to convince customers to buy accessories and jewelry. As a result, companies have now started relying more on digital marketing, especially influencer marketing, to get their products in front of the target audience in the most efficient way.

And, it seems like the strategy is working well. It is no longer about selling the products. For the brand to grow in this competitive market, then ever to sell experience. That's what the customers are looking for. That's why most companies are now investing in influencer marketing to share the experiences of the influencers with a larger audience. Influencer marketing paves the way for a successful marketing campaign. People are more likely to shop for products that are recommended, tried, and tested by influencers.

Written for: Csouliish

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