Reset your goals

This year has been a complete reset to be able to tap into our creative ideas and be able to manifest them. Aside from the negatives. Let's focus on the positives that 2020 has brought into our lives.

To give you a little glimpse. "Just a few years ago, I never could imagine in my wildest dreams that I will turn my part-time passion into becoming a full-time digital creator as an educator, writer, and podcaster."

It's just the beginning of what we have created for ourselves. With hard work and consistency, it will only get better. Remember to celebrate small wins as they will only push you further to your next goals.

Reflect – Chance to pause and reflect on your past and things that we have been putting aside that never got completed. This year, we are forced to look within to take care of our mental and physical well-being.

Evaluate – Once you take the time to reflect on the past, the next step is to evaluate what happened. Take a critical look back and be honest about what worked and what didn’t.

Ask yourself the following questions:

· Are there people, jobs, or surroundings support you and your goals?

· What are they and how can you surround yourself with those things?

· What are the things keeping you from getting important things done?

· Does it still matter? Or have the priorities changed?

Simplify – The next step of RESET is to simplify instead of overcomplicating. Letting go of the old and welcoming new opportunities. Sometimes you have to force yourself to get out of your comfort zone before life does it for you. Rather than sprinting, take it easy and focus on the things that you were been putting off.

"I remember when I spontaneously launched my podcast and two e-books 5 months ago, that was something I was internally manifesting for a few years, but I never could imagine that it would happen so soon. All of this truly happened when I opened my doors to the universe, and I surrendered by simply asking for HELP. Funny enough when I say help, I don’t mean ask for help from others but to as myself for help."

Establish – There will be days you will feel unclear and indecisive but don’t make it a regular habit. Take your power back and hold accountability. I finally decided to take my power back and start making decisive decisions without any holdback or fear to stop me from taking those actions.

Time Block - Now that you have a plan and goals to achieve, take some time out for yourself and introspect on your goals and priorities.

"I had to keep myself organized with my handy-dandy calendar. It sounds simple, and it is."

You have to work towards it because nothing comes easy. To help you break it down here’s exactly what my time out over the last six months looked like:

· Time block your personal time

· Time block your ONE Thing that needs to get done

· Time block time to review and evaluate your priorities for the week

· Time block the activities to benchmark to achieve those goals

Take life one day at a time and recognize the difference between what-ifs and what is.

Writer - Gargie Kejriwal