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My New Office

Remote work is on the rise

When I first learned about Remote work, I never thought It would be possible for me to earn a living while traveling and to be able to work remotely. But, after plenty of research, listening to podcasts, watching YouTube channels, and have read two of my favorite books "Can't hurt me" by David Goggins and "4-hour workweek" by Tim Ferriss, completely changed my perspective on Remote work. Especially, now that we are already seeing a shift in the business economy with the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19). Some businesses are now letting their employees work remotely.

Tip: Invest in remote work and make sure your business keeps up with time.

For a while, I felt stuck and burned out working 9-5 or even longer hours just to be a part of the rat race, and frankly if the company you are working for is going downhill, so will you. I felt unfulfilled in what I was doing, and I did not feel I was creating some sort of a difference. That's when I asked myself what I am good at and how can make even a little difference in other's life. That's when I reflected on the time when I use to volunteer as a Teacher's assistant during High School and how fulfilled I felt by just being able to share my knowledge with others.

My partner and I had planned on traveling around South East Asia and Europe. After a year of planning, we finally made it happen and towards the end of 2019, we started our journey. Sometimes you must embrace the uncertainties, as it keeps you evolving. The best part of life are uncertainties, which help you grow and leads you to what your heart desires the most. You only live once, so why not just live life without any regrets. Don't worry your money will come back but such opportunities will come once in a lifetime. I know it’s easier said than done, but it’s really all about discovering the unknown and stepping out of your comfort zone.

Plan and save before quitting your 9-5 job!

Being able to work remotely, sure did take a lot of planning. To give you a gist on how I started my journey to becoming a digital nomad was when I decided to take up an online English teaching course from International TEFL Academy. In 10 -12 weeks, I received my TEFL certificate. A month later I started consulting for a few online English teaching companies. Especially, in today’s time, it is essential to invest in technology and trusting your team members are making remote work an effective choice for most businesses.

Remote jobs

There are other ways to get online jobs and having the luxury to work from anywhere. Aside from teaching, I started to work on other projects such as writing, social media, and digital marketing with online freelance companies such as Freelancer, Toptal,, etc. If you love digital marketing, social media, teaching, virtual assistant, graphic designing, then some of the companies that I have mentioned are worth having a look.

Being able to work remotely, not just makes you location independent but it also improves cost, technology, and sustainability. Let’s face it remote work is not niche anymore. According to the Zapier business survey, “professionals whose work involves computers – and found that 66% of workers think the office will be obsolete by 2030.” In fact, 48% of workers would work from their homes to save money and 74% would be willing to work remotely and quit their jobs.

For business owners, having remote employees can be cost-effective and have the ability to hire remote workers from around the world. Having fewer vehicles on the road is definitely a great way to be sustainable. It also means a remote relaxed employee, who isn’t constantly burned out.

Pause and reflect

Challenging energy has been escalating over the past few months and reached a point where we are now unfolding the events that have been taking place. I know this event isn't easy for all of us and left us feeling powerless. This time may be uncertain, difficult, or even frightening.

Either we focus on the negatives and let this change take power over us or we take this chance to reflect, let go, and create space for something new. Let's take this time to detach ourselves from the routine that we are used to and allow ourselves to surrender to the universe for new opportunities.

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect". – Mark Twain

Writer - Gargie Kejriwal

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