Avocados: Why Are They The Biggest Trend In Fruits?

The highly nutritious avocado contains a wide variety of vitamins and minerals adding healthy benefits to numerous dishes. While avocados have a high-fat substance, they are additionally packed with supplements and are an extraordinary method to add good fat to your eating routine.

This special fruit is famous all over the world, with different cooking recipes that suit many people’s palate. Today, avocados have become very popular, and because of their health benefits, people often call them superfoods. Avocados are not only well known worldwide, but are popular for meat-lovers, vegetarians, and vegans alike.

Avocados come in many forms, shapes, and sizes. Weighing from six ounces to three pounds, they have a variety of textures and colors from light green to black. This organic fruit is high in nutrients and rich in flavor serving as the main ingredient in guacamole.

Commonly found

The Haas Avocado is the most popular, which was originally grown and sold in Southern California by a farmer named Rudolf Haas. Close to 95% of avocados are produced in California. It’s been cultivated in Central and South America since 8000 B.C. Avocados are often called alligator pears since they have a green and rough texture like an alligator.

The yellow-green substance inside the fruit is eaten, yet the skin and seed are disposed of.

How they became the biggest trend

The avocado has had a long-lasting career in the superfood industry. From a culinary perspective, one could likewise say that we’re living in the time of the avocado. Barely any bistro and its morning meal menu can manage without avocado toast or avocado smoothies. 

From 1900 through the 1990s, avocado cultivators never educated people on how to eat the fruit. For 90 years, people didn’t know avocados are mainly used in Latin American cuisine.

However, once the population began to change in the 1990s, the popularity of avocados also transformed. Since Latin American cuisine is well-known around the globe, the rise of avocado industry became incredibly popular.

Since the avocado boom of the ‘90s, researchers have strived to find a solution to reduce the fruit’s environmental impact. To obtain avocado sustainability, we need to demand purchaser international certification of fair trade and sustainable farming.

So, next time you indulge in guac or add a delicious avocado to your taco, you’ll appreciate why they are worthy of their ubiquitous hype!

Writer - Gargie Kejriwal