Activate Your Vibrations

When a person enters a room, you instantly feel their vibe. Some will draw you to them, some will make sure you keep your distance forever. This is a result of human vibrations. To simplify this, look at the universe. It is fully made with molecules that vibrate at different speeds. From Trees, rocks, animals, to thoughts and emotions, everything vibrates. Human vibrations, on the other hand, consist of physical matter and how you think.

Some molecules vibrate faster and some vibrate slower creating low or high vibrations. Basically, when you are vibrating at a higher level, you feel happy, energetic, and lighter. When you’re vibrating at a lower level, your body and mind become cumbersome, you feel indecisive and dark.

This is exactly why some people can light a room just by stepping inside whereas some can suck the whole mood away.

Stage 1: Release and Healing

In the very first stage on the path to gain a higher vibration, you should make time for healing yourself. This is something that many people try to avoid and skip. The reason is obvious. In order to heal, you should have some sort of pessimistic imprints or trauma.

Imprints are considered to leave a happy mark on your mind. A day you’ve won an award, on a gorgeous day you went out with your family, a moment when a loved one did a selfless deed for you are some examples.

Traumas, on the other hand, include childhood abuse, the grief of a loved one, bullying, etc. These memories tend to leave an unpleasant dent in your internal shield. These traumas that happened earlier as 6 years of age can prolong into adulthood. Some people who are in their 60s still suffer from traumas that happened decades ago.

The worst-case scenario is, these bad memories can negatively mold fragile individuals. Some develop addictions later attract toxic relationships.

Your higher vibration begins with healing and letting go of negative thoughts, memories, feelings, emotions, and perceptions about the world itself. Unhealed trauma wouldn’t get you anywhere.

Stage 2: Integration

The next step is to find time and space to celebrate ourselves. In a world that depends on social media, we often try to compare ourselves to others. We get easily distracted by what other people achieve, do, have in their lives instead of actually fathoming our own purpose.

Likewise, most of us tend to jump from a relationship to another, changing careers like changing clothes, without giving that space and time to comprehend our worth and reset.

For instance, when you end a relationship, take some time to appreciate yourself. Be with yourself for some time. Understand what you seek in life. Understand what is your true purpose. Take time to ruminate about your individual passions and dreams.

Stage 3: Activate

The focal problem for many of us is trying to act like others and live other people’s lives. The key is to activate or wake our suppressed gifts. Most of our gifts, creativity, confidence are submerged because we simply presume that they are too weird to be displayed or that society won’t accept them.

Thinking about what the outside world might feel about you is your number 1 enemy. When you’re on the summit of exploring your own worth and gifts, you won’t care what the external world has to offer you.

Stage 4: Co-creation

Self-affirmation is something we certainly should embrace. When we think that we are awesome and successful, it automatically transforms into happiness. However, we cannot possibly live without connecting with the universe.

In simple terms, Co-creation implies that you absorb all the positive influences and assistance from the other beings in the universe. The basic truth of Co-creation is, being guided by your inner wisdom while accepting positive external influences.

Your intuition is crucial for co-creation. However, if you’re too egotistic, you won’t listen to anyone. Of course, you should be able to live on your own terms. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot invite other people’s supportive opinions.

Have a healthy equilibrium with your solid opinions, optimistic thoughts, and behaviors of others.

Simple ways to raise your vibration

1. Be grateful for what you have right now. It can be simple as a ray of sunshine. Whenever you feel drenched in low energy, have gratitude that will amp up your vibration.

2. Love is one of the best ways to raise your vibration. Picture someone who is close to your heart and feel how much you love them. It’ll certainly bring a smile to your face.

3. Whenever you see happiness outside yourself, your vibration will suffer. In order to keep yourself from becoming greedy for happiness, money, love use the antidote of Generosity. For instance, if you feel poor, give away something to someone who is in need.

4. Meditation and Breathwork help you dwell in the current moment that will make you at ease and elevate vibration.

5. The universe is glued together by Forgiveness. It helps you heal yourself as well as others.

6. You are what you consume. The more dead energy like processed, fried food you gobble down on, the lower your vibration will go. Have more fruits and vegetables to offer yourself a high life force. Rule out alcohol as it is a depressant.

7. Think positive. The less jealousy, unworthiness, and impatience you have the more high levels of vibration you can reach.

8. Surround yourself with people who would uplift your day. Make sure you choose your relationships wisely and don't dismiss the red flags especially in the earlier stage of any relationship.

“Choosing your alignment and raising your vibration are your greatest gifts to the planet. Period.” - Peta Kelly -

There are always triggers that will take you back to your traumas. However, the more high vibration you have with time, the less you’ll get triggered.