Our Story

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Our Founder

Gargie founded From My Lens with the purpose to create, maintain, and run successful digital marketing, content creations and boost website traffic. With over 7 years of experience, she focuses on bringing the client's vision into reality by implementing top marketing trends, for a wide range of clients from around the world.


She also comes in as a Mental Health Advocate, Podcaster, Mindset & Wellness Coach. As a Certified Coach and a MA graduate, she was able to leverage her achievements and education to help create mindful habits, find purpose, and build community. ​


Through her large network of clients from all over the world, it opened up her path to discover and to better understand the philosophy of life from her lens. 

Between content creation and her passion for helping clients with her wellness programs, her mission has always been to allow her clients to be the very best version of themselves. She created a one-stop-shop, From My Len-Wellness App that offers tailored programs to help balance, activate mental and physical wellbeing.